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I recently posted the Pineapple design and the Vacation Mode pineapple design with the sunglasses. The pineapple design is versatile design and I want to explain some options I have provided for you.

In many places the fruit has long been a representation for hospitality and celebration. I have

created a cover with the word "welcome" to accentuate this sentiment. The "welcome" cover is two layers and would replace the first two layers in the original pineapple design. I have also included the sunglasses in a stand alone format. Both of these are a free download from this blog.

Download ZIP • 72KB

Maybe the phrase "Vacation mode" isn't quite the right fit, but you still want the sunglasses with the pineapple? Or perhaps you want to add the sunglasses and your own word or phrase to the front? Maybe you just want a cute pineapple wearing sunglasses with no words? I'm sure you will all come up with a ton of fun projects with this one and I can't wait to see as I am always amazed at your creativity.

More recently the pineapple has been adopted by the IVF community as a symbol for women dealing with infertility. If you or someone you know is struggling with infertility, the pineapple design alone is a perfect non-verbal way to communicate your battle. The shape of the pineapple reminds you to stand tall as if wearing a crown and remember, you are enough.

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