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Warm Wishes Ornament LASER SVG

I shared this ornament I made in Smokey Hill Designs Facebook group and had some people interested in the file. I have been making ornaments as a fundraiser for my daughters dance team. I saw these Christmas sweater prints on Smokey Hill Designs and HAD to figure out something to do with them. This is what I came up with and I think they are adorable!! I cut these on my Glowforge. This is NOT a Cricut or Silhouette project unfortunately. If you would like to make these with your laser, there are 2 different ways to do the sweater (both included in the download). If you have peel and stick, you can cut the solid sweater piece and place the patterned peel and stick on top, or if you order the Christmas sweater pattern ply on acrylic or MDF, then you would use the inset method. So you would have an outline of the sweater and then inset your pattern ply acrylic inside the outline. I'm happy to share my file for free! Download below!

warm wishes
Download ZIP • 11KB

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