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How to choose writing fonts

Some of my most recent design have the option to personalize using the writing function. Here is a video on how to choose and find writing fonts followed by another video on how to personalize the Forever in our Hearts design.

Here is the example on how the fonts we talked about look when written. I got best results with the Cricut writing fonts and the fonts I purchased from the Silhouette Design Store. The free font's from Dafont can work, but it does take some trial and error. Be aware that the bigger you go with them, the more outline you will see in the letters.

Forever in our hearts personalization Tutorial

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Forever in Our Hearts is a "beautiful" file--and love that it is customizable!!! Thanks for all the tips Christina--I use and am familiar with the Silhouette program--so I found it very interesting to see how you would do it in the Circuit Design Space. 🤗

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